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Eye Health for Your Entire Family

At Smithfield Eye & Optical, we can care for your whole family’s ocular health. We perform exams on children of any age and work hard to ensure they’re comfortable and happy during their appointments. We’re a family-focused practice, striving to provide you and your children with the utmost care in visual health and eye education.

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When Does my Child Need an Eye Exam?

We recommend following the guidelines for children’s eye exams laid out by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. This schedule is based on the average child’s eye development over time and allows us to responsibly monitor their eyes as they mature. A child’s eyes should be checked even if they don’t have any symptoms of eye problems; a young child may not even realize that their vision is changing.

Your child should have their eyes examined at the following ages:

At this point in an infant’s life, simple tests are usually enough. We will:

  • Test their pupils & blink response
  • Check to see how their eyes react to light
  • Visually inspect their eyes
  • Check for healthy eye alignment and movement

Here, we’re primarily checking on how a toddler’s eyes are developing as they grow. We’ll again perform the tests that are normally given to infants under a year old. Depending on how their eyes are looking, we may do more exams.

At this point in a child’s life, we often perform a visual acuity test as soon as the child can read an eye chart. We typically look for signs of numerous problems, including refractive errors like near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Our eye doctors will also want to check for eye alignment to make sure the eyes move in a coordinated manner.

At 5 years old, a child should undergo another visual acuity and eye alignment test. If a child is going to develop myopia, it is often about this age that there are visible signs of the change.

After reaching 5 years old, we recommend that children and adolescents get their eyes examined annually.

The Importance of Children’s Eye Exams

A child’s visual system is constantly developing as they grow up. As they get older, their eyes can develop differently from the rest of their bodies. Their eyes might not keep up or they might grow too much.

This can happen naturally and can take place very suddenly. Their eyes might be perfect one year, with an eye problem popping up in the next.

Because of this, it’s paramount your children’s eyes are checked regularly. Smithfield Eye & Optical examines children of all ages, and want to be a part of their healthy vision development as they grow up. Book an appointment for your child today.

Myopia in Children

Myopia is a relatively common vision problem, affecting 25% of all Americans. It’s part of a group of disorders called refractive errors that affect where light is reflected in your visual system. Also called near-sightedness, myopia makes far away objects difficult to focus on.

Catch It Early

Myopia is a progressive disorder that usually first appears in children around 5 years old. If left untreated, it will keep progressing, and your child’s vision will worsen over time. Myopia can often be corrected with eyeglasses and lenses, and we offer a range of different treatment options to control myopia in children. We’ll do everything we can to prevent a child’s vision problems from progressing any further!

More About Myopia Control

Spotting the Warning Signs Early

Preemptive care is key to finding vision disorders before they take their toll on a child’s vision. With regular consultations, we’ll be able to follow your child’s eye development more closely, allowing for greater control of their potential vision issues. Don’t wait until your child is displaying symptoms; bring them for an examination before any trouble arises.

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