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Keeping Tabs on Your Ocular Health

Regular comprehensive eye exams are paramount to protecting your eye health. We make it our priority to discover eye conditions before they can cause lasting damage.

Our team at Smithfield Eye & Optical places great emphasis on diagnosing eye conditions even when there are no symptoms. We perform a variety of tests and assess your overall eye health. If any problems are found, you can count on us to react rapidly and accordingly.

So stay responsible when it comes to managing potential eye diseases and schedule your next annual eye exam.

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Don’t Take Your Eyes for Granted

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has guidelines on how frequently you need eye exams, but we believe in staying ahead of the curve. We recommend that all adults get a comprehensive eye exam at least once annually. If you follow this advice, we’ll have a much better shot at catching eye diseases you have before they have severe consequences.

Watch out for Eye Diseases

While it’s true that some eye diseases don’t initially display any symptoms, there are some common signals that not everything is perfect with your eyes. If you’re feeling any of these symptoms, listen to your body signs and visit our practice:

Both floaters and flashes arise from issues related to a gel-like fluid in the eye called the vitreous humor. As you age, this fluid can develop deposits called floaters that appear in your vision like black spots or specks. Alone, they don’t often require treatment, but they can be a warning sign when they show up in conjunction with other symptoms.

Flashes are sudden flashes of light in your peripheral vision that appear out of nowhere. They can be a symptom of vitreous detachment, especially if flashes occur along with floaters.

If your eyes constantly seem red or veiny, you might be suffering from a disease called conjunctivitis. Often referred to as pink-eye, it’s an inflammation of the thin layer that covers the eye surface and the inner parts of your eyelids. It can be a result of a viral or bacterial infection or allergies. Conjunctivitis caused by viruses or bacteria is also very contagious.

Dry eyes are very common and mostly just uncomfortable, but if you’re chronically afflicted by their common symptoms you might have Dry Eye Syndrome. Dry eyes can be very troublesome if left untreated.

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Don’t Leave it Up to Chance

Eye diseases can surface out of the blue and leave people with devastating eye damage. Don’t let it happen to you. Our practice uses the most modern optometric equipment to detect the earliest signs of disease, but we need to view your eyes regularly.

Visit Smithfield Eye & Optical if you experience any symptoms of eye disease. The safest strategy is proactive medical assessment from an eye doctor. You can trust us to spot problems before they progress.

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